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Dates that make a difference

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  • Virginbreaker ( 24C / South Africa )


    Just a fine place or a picnic where its quiet,beautiful scenery preferrably nature

  • SweetSmiles777 ( 48C / Harrisburg, PA )


    Anywhere from grabbing tea, dinner, drinks, music or sports venue.

  • lonelycub7 ( 32C / Port Washington, NY )


    Wine tasting. Watch a movie. Go for a walk on central park. Try some sushi.

  • jayden87 ( 27C / South Africa )


    fun full of jokes romantic and getting to know each other better

  • GQStallion ( 51C / New York, NY )


    My first date would be all about YOU: My darling, we would meet at a Romantic Setting, Place for Coffee, Tea, (if necessary) a bottle of Wine or Champagne serving (hors d'oeuves) / food, and later on, as you desire, we c  more>>

  • spike15 ( 50C / Cape Coral, FL )


    take the motorcycle to teh beach and do whatever we both feel like doing...

  • simszo75 ( 39C / Belvidere, IL )


    My first date can start off with coffee or maybe dinner somewhere we can talk and get to know each other and if all is well then maybe out for some drinks and dancing.

  • artistuk ( 34C / New York, NY )


    Cinema, picnic, comedy club, etc

  • Wardyf ( 30C / South Africa )


    Im ready to be used in love, plz give me a col anytym. I am so handsome hey

  • sweetSteve ( 36C / South Africa )


    Throwing you down on the bed and having my way with you ;)

  • wishmaster22 ( 36C / Laval, QC )


    We shall see together,its hard to decide so i prefer we decide together that way we both feel at ease.

  • trelly ( 36C / Concord, CA )


    Well my first date should be something simple. Maybe go for a walk. Or just and talk. I want to get to know u.

  • chrismca ( 36C / Seneca, SC )


    Sitting under the stars talking and holding each other

  • Aatu13 ( 21C / Colorado Springs, CO )


    A candle light dinner with the stars and moon in the background with some soft classical music in the background.

  • youngandgrown ( 31C / Corcoran, CA )


    My first date would not be the ideal. Phone conversation would pratically be a good first date. Only so that our interest, attraction, and chemistry would be based soley on who we are rather than who we appear to be